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2020 Student Enterprises

American Woodworkers "Providing shelter for birds by building quality, handmade, and aesthetically-pleasing birdhouses."

Retro Threads "Creating environmentally-friendly clothing from second-hand material for an affordable price."

Happy Hounds "Providing a personable and convenient dog-sitting experience that is healthier for your dog."

Upstream "Reducing wasteful single-use plastics and ridding the rivers of foreign contamination through the sales of aluminium water bottles."

Hurricane Gaming "Providing teens a gateway to social interactions through gaming tournaments"

Urban Roots "To promote environmental awareness through vertical garden structures."

TM Vinyl Graphics "To build support and awareness for Serenity Hospice Home by producing custom vinyl decals."

Bandy's Brass Class "Preparing kids for their school's band program with brass instruments early in life."

Artistic Ambiance Murals "Brightening and uniting the community through artistic expression."

Helping to start conversations about teen suicide

Scrunch-a-Bunch "Supporting women in building self-confidence by creating stylish hair accessories with recycled materials."

Arrow Beauty Company "Building confidence and empowering women through a custom cosmetic experience."

OHS Soc Ent is 100% self-funded. 

Please help keep us going.

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